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For everything you give your child, you take something away…

Entitlemania is an epidemic. Well-intentioned parents across the country have enabled a “me” generation of children who lack the wisdom and satisfaction of accomplishment that only struggle and adversity can bring. A veteran advisor and legal counsel to America’s most successful families, Richard Watts has seen the extremes of “entitlemania” up close – and wants to help you avoid creating it in your own children.

Entitlemania will teach you how to redirect kids and repair adults who believe the world owes them something. This is a wake-up call for parents: Although you act with the best of intentions, your actions can unwittingly be damaging to those you hold dearest.

Entitlemania was featured in Variety Magazine with illustration by Carlo Giambarresi


Fables of Fortune

Do you believe a little more money would solve most of your problems?

Imagine private jets ready for an afternoon flight to New York City for a transcontinental shopping trip… luxury yachts circling the globe awaiting their owner's arrival…. fully staffed but rarely visited vacation homes throughout the world. The rich live trouble-free lives of graceful ease. Or do they?

Fables of Fortune pulls back the brocade curtain to reveal the precarious path of wanting more. As the advisor to the super rich, author Richard Watts reflects on the reality of wealth and a difficult and heartbreaking lesson: "The richest person is not the one who has the most, but the one who needs the least."

Richard Watts

As personal advisor and legal counsel to the super wealthy, Richard Watts spends his workdays within the castle walls of America’s most successful families. Called on to guide his clients through some of the most intimate and difficult decisions they have to make, his primary passion is conveying the wisdoms of life through his practice, lectures, and writings. He is the founder and President of Family Business Office, a legal and consulting firm in Santa Ana, California.


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